Heavy Duty Cable Carrier


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Ship Loader/Unloader

TKHD Series

Heavy duty cable carriers for long travel lengths and high additional loads.


  • Massive, enclosed, stain-repellent stop system.
  • Massive side bands through robust double fork-bracket-construction.
  • Side bands easy to assemble.
  • Reinforced pin bore connection.
  • Integrated noise damping.
  • Integrated brake.
  • Quick and easy opening to the inside or outside for cable laying.
  • Soil-resistant outer contour.
  • Low maintenance effort.

Selection Criteria:

  • For dirty and rough application conditions.
  • When a particularly robust chain is required.
  • When a simple and quick installation is requested.
  • When an especially long service life is required.
  • When a simple vertical inner distribution is needed, also with fixable dividers.
  • When the highest demands are placed on the cable carrier.
  • When a chain needs to be fitted exactly into an installation space in a 1 mm width section.

Cable Carrier System for Ship Loader/Unloader

TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP develops customized solutions for cable carrier systems in cranes. Our decades of experience from hundreds of realized projects in various industries with diverse demands on our cable carrier systems, lead to new custom and application-specific solutions for our customers. Our specialists will support you from the planning and design stage through to the onsite installation and start-up of the tested complete system.

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