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Tsubaki Indonesia has Launched Marketplace Website


PT. Tsubaki Indonesia Trading is pleased to announce the launch of its new marketplace website named MyTsubaki. After several months in development, the new marketplace website, my.tsubaki.id was soft-launched the go-live version on 11.11.2020.

"Our primary goal during the design process of MyTsubaki was to create a more valuable stock showcase of our authorized distributors, help both end-user & distributors to select the part number of an item appropriately, user friendly across all platforms and devices. Hence, we also launched the version of mobile apps as well. We also would like to make our users learn about the right product based on industry not only from their desk but also from mobile devices.," says Rellyan Bayu, the National Manager of PT. Tsubaki Indonesia Trading.

We have organized product selection step by step start from selecting the business type, product category to item selection until the end-user able to find the product and select their preferred distributors. The process which we mean is described as follows,

  • Step 1. Business type selection:  Power Transmission and Materials Handling System.
  • Step 2. Product Group selection: Chain, Motion Control, Materials Handling, Bulk System, Mayfran.
  • Step 3. Item Group Selection: e.g. Drive Chain.
  • Step 4. Item Selection: e.g. Chain pitch, strand number, Pin Type.
  • Step 5. Distributor selection: After completing the item selection step, the user will find the number of the available stock of each distributor.

MyTsubaki also completed the latest catalog for both products and industries that will be helpful for mobile salespeople of Tsubaki's distributors as well as the end-user.

For any suggestions, questions, comments please contact us.

For more information please contact:
PT. Tsubaki Indonesia Trading
Phone: 021-89458898/99 ext 211