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Stacker Reclaimer

Our Reclaimer Chains are your gateway to cost-effective dependable efficiency. The increasing productivity and durability demands placed on reclaimers require the highest quality components to provide effective material handling. Chain quality and reliability is vital to ensuring profitability, factors that we address with inherent innovative features and our comprehensive customization options.

The anti-dust properties of our Stacker Reclaimer Chain make it an ideal selection for reclaimers, offering up to 3x the wear life of a standard Bearing Roller Chain. Seals and a special external roller bearing construction prevent dust from entering the bushes and rollers, coupled with large bearing areas, increased hardness and deep case depth to bring you unparalleled performance. The chain is made to order, with a wide variety of options to meet the unique challenges of your operation.

Customization is paramount to achieving maximum efficiency for your application. Tsubaki's Large Size Conveyor Chain offers many options including materials, custom coatings and accessories - allowing you to create your perfect chain made to order. Customization options are also available for Stacker Reclaimer Chains, increasing flexibility of your specification. A wide range of sprockets are available from Tsubaki in varying grades of steel and other metals, with heat treatment as standard or as an option across the range.

Built to extended chain life and minimize abrasion, Tsubaki also offer split sprockets for ease of disassembly and optional lightening holes to save weight. Tsubaki understands that when efficiency and productivity are paramount, one size does not fit all application environments.