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Drive Chain

Efficient and reliable transmission of power is of the utmost importance in any drive application. Tsubaki drive chains are therefore designed to be the most accomplished on the market, bringing optimum transmission of power from motors, to sprockets and to machinery with minimal maintenance. A benefit of our decades of experience.

Tsubaki drive chains are used in the world's most demanding applications, where our emphasis on quality and versatility allows us to create the perfect power transmission solution for any application. Promote efficiency, minimize downtime, maximize profitability - specify Tsubaki.

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Tsubaki ANSI G8 Standard Drive Chain Series

Tsubaki's 8th model upgrade, celebrating 100 years of quality. Pursuing the ultimate in quality, Tsubaki has created the world's highest standard of roller chain.

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Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free Drive Chain Series

Tsubaki's Lambda Chains were the first in the industry to use a special oil-impregnated bush. The 6th generation of Tsubaki Lambda Lube Free chain is supplied as standard with NSF-H1 food grade lubricant impregnated bush, which makes it perfectly suitable for applications in the food industry.

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Tsubaki Neptune™ Anti Corrosion Chain Series

Whether your operation requires a sanitary environment, is exposed to corrosive chemicals, is heated to extreme temperatures, runs through a freezer, is exposed to the outdoors or is affected by excessive moisture: our specially designed and tested chains will outlast your current chains and contribute to a cost effective application.

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Tsubaki Heavy Duty Drive Chain Series

The superior performance of Tsubaki Heavy Duty chains is the result of a comprehensive quality control network that begins with selection of the world's finest steel materials. It continues with inspection and analysis of quality and performance in 20 different work areas.

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